This week's favorite team: Tulsa

The staff at byusucks.net would like to send our best wishes and hopes to our current favorite team: TULSA

 It is our hope that Tulsa can keep byzoo's losing streak alive and send them to 0-2.


You can't lose them all if you don't lose the first

Congratulations to our new best friends down south: ARIZONA

Our buddies beat byzoo 16-13 and help start out the zoo's season right, with a loss!

"You can't lose them all if you don't lose the first." 


I've never met this guy, but he is my friend:


byu still sucks

Summer break (but there's never a break from hating byu)

Spring is here and the major men's college sports around here are dormant until fall.  I'll be taking a bit of a break from writing a bunch of zoo hater smack and I'll be enjoying some golf this summer.

 The site will still be here for your enjoyment and I'll be "around" so see you then.  The forum is open 24/7 for all discussions related to hating byu.

Contributors wanted!

 Would you like to post some zoo hater smack here on the main page of byu hater central?  Write a note in the forum and we'll set you up as a site contributor.

 Until football season....adios and byu sucks.  I know it for it is my testimony and it is true. :-)