This week's favorite team: Utah Utes

The staff here at byu sucks would like to extend our best wishes for a fantastic game this week by our current favorite team, the Utah Utes. GO UTES.

byu's quest for relevance is even more clear now that they lost their first game to Texas last week.  The following are the two best scenarios for the kitties this season, based on this weekend's game.

1. If byu loses to Utah and wins enough games the rest of the season, they'll be in the Armed Forces Bowl.

2. If byu beats Utah and wins enough games the rest of the season, they'll be in the Armed Forces Bowl.

byu: quest for relevance

byusucks.net thanks Texas and reminds everyone that byu SUCKS!

The staff at byusucks.net would like to extend a hearty thank you to the Texas Longhorns for bringing the zoo a heartbreaking defeat.  We were on pins and needles here for a while, but happy to see the Longhorns send home the zoo with a loss.  Very nice to send the byzoo fans to the creamery to drown their sorrows in a double ice cream sundae.  zoo fans are surely now pondering whether their beloved team will qualify for the Armed Services Bowl.

Thanks Texas.  You've got a new friend.

This week's favorite team: TEXAS

The staff at byusucks.net would like to send out our best wishes to our current favorite team, the Texas Longhorns.  We are all about Texas this week.

They say everything is big in Texas.  We hope the Texas win is BIG.


zoo eeks by Ole MIss

Zoo eeks out one point victory over mediocre Ole Miss

Wow the zoobies must have had a bit of a nervous trip through the dessert bar at Chuck A Rama this past Saturday.  The newly independent byzoo football squad brought their dog and pony show into the ever challenging Ole Miss home field in Oxford, MS and produced an impressive 14-13 win which they were really damn lucky to snag.  Ole Miss screwed it, really.

So celebrate the big and impressive one point eeking by the incredible Ole Miss team zoobies.  Have an ice cream or three and start talking about the next undefeated season. While you're at it, start with the Heisman propaganda too.  Which zoo player is the top Heisman candidate this season?


The independent schedule is looking good this season with the powerhouses Ole Miss, Central Florida "Knights," Utah State, Idaho State, Idaho and the always BCS eligible New Mexico State.  That schedule alone makes any SEC schedule look like chopped liver, at Chuck A Rama.  Surely any BCS committee would instantly grant the kitties a BCS bowl, even if they manage to eek out 7-8 wins out of this brutal and impressive schedule.