byu cheerleaders v.s. Florida State cheerleaders

As an extra added bonus to the beat down Florida State gave the cooters in happy valley last week, we decided to post a photo comparison of the two teams' respective cheerleading squads.  This one is no contest.  Despite byu's squad earning bonus points for making their own uniforms, Florida State's cheerleaders win this battle hands cleavage down.


Florida State Cheerleaders
byu cheerleaders
Floriday State Cheerleaders
 byu cheerleaders

Florida State crushes byu and their BCS dreams. Funeral potatoes for everyone!

Oh boy are we celebrating here at BYU SUCKS world headquarters!  The zoo has lost a home game in convincing fashion to an unranked Florida State team.  The cooter fans are serving up funeral potatoes.  Funeral?  Yes, byu's hopes for a BCS bid have died.

The heartbroken zoobies have been spotted drowning their sorrows at many local restaraunts like Chuck-A-Rama and Baskin & Robbins.  At least they can fall back on their primary activity aside from watching their little kittens play football, eating.

Congratulations to Florida State.   Bravo!  Bravo!

This week's favorite team: Florida State

Normally we'd put a picture of our favorite team's logo here, in this case Florida State's.  But we decided to post a picture of a couple of Florida State cheerleaders instead.  Florida State comes into kitten town to face the cooters, and we wish the Seminoles our best.

These are definitely NOT byu cheerleaders...


Florida State Cheerleaders


This week's favorite team: TULANE

BYUSUCKS.net extends best wishes to our favorite team of the week: TULANE.


Tulane Logo