This week's favorite team: New Mexico Lobos

The New Mexico Lobos suck this year.  They suck bad.  Not much of chance of them pulling out a victory over the byzoo kitties, but that doesn't mean they're not this week's favorite team!


Classless douchebag byu fans egg their own coach's car after loss

There's only one thing worse than a gloating byu fan after they win a game.  They're bad.  But worse than that is douchebag byu fans who seem to turn like a pack of wolves (or a pack of mormons at chuck-a-rama) on each other when their team loses.

It appears that some unhappy byu fans pelted their defensive coordinator's car with eggs after byu had their ass handed to them on a silver funeral potatos platter by TCU, in kittie stadium.

Oh, to add a little more "class" to this subject, perhaps we should mention that this is the only BLACK coach on the team.  Very classy.

Here's the link to the whole article:



This week's favorite team: TCU

Last year TCU embarassed byu in Texas.  We're looking for a repeat bitch slap performance in happy valley Utah which will send the fat byu fans to Chuck A Rama and Baskin & Robbins to drown their sorrows.


TCU logo

This week's favorite team: UNLV

byu sucksBest of luck to this week's favorite team UNLV from the staff at byusucks.net's world headquarters.