Max Hall is a hypocrite - Hands down winner, douchebag of the year

Max Hall Quote 8/24/09

"A big reason why I came to B.Y.U. is that by coming to B.Y.U., especially if I was able to become a starting quarterback at B.Y.U., is the number of opportunities that I’d not only have to give service, but to represent my faith, In a sense, continue to do missionary work without being on a mission.”

Max Hall Quote 11/28/09

"I don't like Utah. In fact, I hate them. I hate everything about them. I hate their program, their fans. I hate everything. It felt really good to send those guys home.  I think the whole university, and their fans and their organization is classless."

The staff at byusucks.net isn't LDS, but we're betting "I hate everything" is probably somewhere in the book of mormon and is definitely a job well done by Max in "representing his faith."

A short list of people Max Hall thinks is classless

Max, here is a list of a few people you've just called "classless" below.  This is a case of the pot calling the kettle black.


Max Hall is a douche


This week's favorite team: Utah Utes

Twice now teams have gone into provostan to kitty stadium and destroyed the zoo.  Florida and TCU both humilated the fat byu faithful, sending them to drown their sorrows in a bowl of ice cream at the local "creamery."  It is time for an exclamation point victory by the Utes to serve up some funeral potatos for byu's season.
utah utes logo


New shirt alert! SCREW THE Y!

We have some new pals who are obviously cool.  "Screw The Y" will soon be a web site.  They sell great shirts like my new one pictured below!  Look for a combined effort between byusucks.net and screwthey.com soon!


God I hate byu . screwthey.com screw the y byu sucks balls

Beer drinking byu fans

byu sucks screw the y