This week's favorite team: San Diego State

byusucks.net sends out our best wishes to San Diego State University for this week's football game.  SDSU has the opportunity to send byu to a lovely 1-5 record.


Utah State routs byu 31-16, and it wasn't even that close

Many congratulations for the Utah State football team and fans for their awesome victory Friday night over byu, 31-16. How sweet it is for the Aggies to exact revenge for all the years that byu ran up the score on them, in the unsportsmanlike way only byu does it.

Byu made a garbage touchdown with only a few seconds left in the game and had their extra point blocked as time was running out.  Otherwise it would have been 31-10.

After five games, byu is only four wins away from being undefeated.  That's zoob logic at it's best.

The sports headlines are a blast to read, like this one from the USA Today:

"Loss to Utah State has BYU stumbling toward football independence"

It has been a great season so far, but it isn't over yet.  The happy staff here at byusucks.net look forward to many more losses.  We're guessing the zoo could achieve a 3-9 record with the rest of their schedule and their level of play.

This week's favorite team: UTAH STATE

Our favorite team for the week, Utah State, has the chance to send byu to 1-4.  We're sending all of our byu sucks vibe up north to the Aggies.  Take 'em down!

Guest Blog: Jack Mormon chimes in on byu's trip to Utah State this week

BYU will visit Utah State Friday night where hopefully the Aggies will hand them their fourth loss in a row. The last time the Zoobies visited Romney stadium they were most ungracious guests. On a perfectly clear evening, there was the haze of “smug” over the stadium. 10 thousand plus Zoobie fans acting like zoobie fans. They brought their 150 member pep band which played during every break in the action, rarely giving the home team’s  band a chance to put horns to lips. Jan, “The Janimal” Jorgensen, laid a vicious hit on a defenseless  Aggie QB Diondre Borel a full five seconds after a play had been blown dead. He falsely claimed later to have been hit in the head with a bottle by a Utah State fan. It’s a shame he wasn’t.

After a 35-17 win, the BYU football team arrogantly proceeded to do a victory lap around Romney Stadium taunting the home team’s fans with several members of their team flipping the bird as they passed by the USU student section. Here’s hoping that Aggie fans remember and reciprocate in kind this year!

Jack Mormon