byu defeats Eastern Illinois high school

Congratulations to byu for getting it's first win of the season.  The team and the town of provo must be proud of defeating such a worthy competitor as Eastern Illinois.  In the grand scheme of football, EI is about 1 step above a high school team.

Like I said before, this game was a no win situation.  They are supposed to win and they did.  This victory proves nothing relevant.

byu loses 1st game!

byu loses first game of the 2005 football season.  What a great start!  They didn't even manage to get into the end zone.  Yep, no touchdowns.  Way to go Boston College!  BC, you were our favorite team of the week last week.  This week's favorite team is Eastern Illinois/

Why I don't go to byu

At the Utah game last night I met three very nice ladies who posed for this picture.  Clearly on the byu campus this would be a dress code violation.  There are many more great photos and Ute related items over at The Ute Blog

This week's favorite team: AIR FORCE

Air Force Falcons Football This week's favorite team is the Air Force Flacons.

We hope the Falcons fly into zoobie land and send all the fat byu fans to baskin & robbins to dRown their sorrows in a triple scoop chocolate sundae.