This week's favorite team: New Mexico

The pathetic byu football dog and pony show is making a stop in New Mexico this week.  This means that the New Mexico Lobos are this week's favorite team.

Remember, our favorite teams here at byusucks.net are Utah, and anyone who is playing byu!


Cougar Town to be renamed Pussy Town

Provo, Utah
October 3, 2005

Due to the performances of the byu football team this season, the city of Provo has decided to no longer refer to itself as "cougar town."  It has instead decided to refer to itself as "pussy town."

Great news! SDSU drills byu 31-10!

I've just had the pleasure of watching San Diego State put some serious wood on byu.  Final score: San Diego State 31, byu 10. The last 7 points they scored were just because the game was just about out of reach and SDSU was playing a prevent defense.

Beck looked terrible in this game.  He threw bad passes, picks and even fumbled while trying to throw it with no defenders around him.  Yep.  As byu fan has said himself: "Beck is not a gamer."

What a great start to the season. byu is now 0-2 in the conference.  From what I've seen there's no reason to think they're going to win many more games this year.

A memo to all the other teams in the Mountain West Conference: It's time for payback for all those years when byu ran the score up on you.  Now it's your turn.

This is great!

I get home late tonight and I'm just tuning in to the byu SDSU game.  I was THRILLED to find that SDSU is up 17-3.

And even COOLER is Beck just completely lost the football when he was trying to throw it.  It looked like a blooper reel.


Wait a minute.... Now SDSU has converted that fumble into a touchdown!  It's now 24-3!  YEAH!