weak CSU team no match for mediocre byu

Some bad news for us byu haters.  They won this week.  Yes I know...they beat a very weak Colorado State team at home in pussy town.  Another moral victory for the zoobies and their fans.  Next thing you know they'll be talking national championship...

Man oh man do I hate byu.  I really hate it when they win.  There's always next week.

This week's favorite team: Colorado State

This week's favorite team is Colorado State.  CSU is traveling to pussy town for byu's homecoming.

Let's hope Colorado State spoils the zoobie's homecoming.

Long live the mediocrity that IS byu football.


What the hell was New Mexico thinking?

Dear New Mexico:  How the hell could you let byu drive down in the 4th quarter and score?   Where the hell was your defense?  You were simply letting the damn receivers run free.  Come on NM.  Frigging cover someobody.

So my congratulations for the New Mexico football team.  You have just provided "Bronco" his first D1 team victory.  You should be proud you losers.

byu got lucky this week and beat a bad team

Congratulations to Bronco Mendenhall.  He just notched is first victory over a division one football team.  Nice job. I only took him half a season but hey, you gotta start somewhere.

Must be pretty sweet for the byu fans.  After all, beating a crappy New Mexico team must feel like winning the national championship.  Oh, but this isn't 1984.

Yup, they'll be drinking double shots of Kool-Aid in pussy town tonight.