This week's favorite team: Air Force

The staff here at byusucks.net would like to send our best wishes to this week's favorite team: Air Force.

Air Force has not played extremely well this season, but perhaps against byu's weak defense they'll be able to score enough points to win.


Notre Dame 49 byu 23

With a site named "byusucks" obviously the staff here is elated with the utter bitch slapping Notre Dame put on byzoo: 49-23.  We'll be kicking back and sipping some cold ones celebrating this byu loss tonight.

Notre Dame proved their superiority in nearly every position on the field and on the sideline today.  Notre Dame's receivers blew away the byu secondary.  In fact the ND QB set a school record with 6 touchdown passes.

Now it's time for a reset of the byu season.  When byu got their record to .500, many of their fans started talking smack and pounding their chests.  It's time for those very fans to zip their traps and look at reality.  byu is 2-4 against DIVISION 1 teams.



This week's favorite team: Notre Dame

Man is the going to be a fun week.  This week's favorite team Notre Dame is fresh off of nearly beating the #1 team in the country and they're going to be ready to put an ass whipping on the zoo.

I'm hoping for the blowout of the century.