byu leads the nation in picks, wins New Mehico Blow

byu leads the nation in picks...

By the way zoobies, congratulations on the big victory in the 2010 New Mehico blow over the tough 6-7 UTEP who was 1-6 for the last seven games.

The zoo is finally above .500 for the season. Quest for mediocrity complete.

Bravo.  Bravo.  Everyone meet at Chuck A Rama to celebrate.  More trips to the dessert bar!

Go MINERS - 2010 Mediocrity, I mean New Mexico Bowl

Wow this should be a great football game.  The New Mexico Bowl features two great 6-6 football teams, byu and UTEP.  What a junk game this one is.

Well, since byu does have an opponent that makes them our current favorite team.  So hats of to the UTEP MINORS!  Win this battle of the crappy 6-6 teams!


Utes Win 2010 Rivalry Game! Suck it zoobies!

The University of Utah Utes capped of a satisfying byusucks.net season, where the byu football team logged a joyously mediocre 6-6 record.  Utah's #27 Brandon Burton blocked byu field goal attempt to seal a 17-16 victory and win the rivalry game in the last second.

Way to go Utes!

brigham young university byu sucks

This week's favorite team: UTAH - GO UTES!

This week is the one time per year when the byusucks.net staff's two favorite teams are wrapped up into one!  Yes, usually our favorite team is whoever is playing byu.  Our other favorite team is Utah.

The staff at byusucks.net sends all of our best wishes to Utah for a victory over the cougars from the parochial school down south. 


byu sucks
Photographic comparisons between Utah and byu

Imagebyu sucks