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byu blows out UNLV. Sometimes miracles DON'T happen.

ImageThe byu/UNLV game went just about how I expected.  I didn't really expect UNLV to be much of a problem for byu so there were no surprises.  But in games like this there's always hope.

Unfortunately byu does have some momentum and appears to be ironing out some of their team kinks.  But they still suck...


This week's favorite team: UNLV


Our favorite team here at byusucks.net is WHOEVER is playing byu.  So this week's favorite team is UNLV.

 Now yes, byu does suck.  But UNLV REALLY sucks.  Though the staff here will be hoping the best for UNLV, there's not really much of a chance they can beat the zoo.  But miracles can happen.  That's why they play the game...


Air Force apparently sucks more than byu

Despite giving up over 40 points against Air Force, byu won.  There won't be any celebrating here by the staff of byusucks.net this week.  We'll be in mourning and wearing black for the rest of the week.

To make things worse we'll now have to listen to the zoobie's talking smack all week and pounding their chests for their great accomplishment.  Do us zoo haters a favor and keep it down a little eh? 

 The Air Force coach had another interesting quote, this time about byu offensive linemen.  (paraphrasing) "Their offensive linemen are 30 years old and 300 pounds each."  Kind of funny.