byzoo loses twice in one night!

I had the pleasure of spending the evening at a buddy's cabin the night of the Las Vegas Bowl.  This buddy hates byu just as much as I do and it was a pleasure watching California put the wood to the non-bowl-deserving zoobie squad.

 Despite the fact that the final LV Bowl score was 35-28 Cal, anyone who watched the game knows it was a more convincing zoo loss than 7 points.  So lay off the "moral" victories zoobies.  We don't want to hear any whining about the refs or the typical byu "if such-and-such would have happened we would have won" BS.

 Too add to the fun of watching the byu kitties lose in football, we were flipping the channels and watching the Utah State basketball team slap the weak byu team all over the court.  The last minute or two of the game was great as USU was on fire and simply laying the wood to the kitties.

 That my friends is the makeup of a great evening of entertainment.


This month's favorite team: California


Somehow the weak byu team managed to slime their way into a bowl game with their 6-5 record.  Realistically the Illinois State game should not have counted on their record and at 5-5 they wouldn't be bowling.  But this does at least give the staff and our byusucks.net fans out there one more chance in 2005 to cheer against the byu football team.


Cocky byu team loses at home to Utah in overtime 41-34

Utes celebrate at their home away from home:

I'd thought about going down to that city down South to see the game in person.  But I threw my back out and have been in extreme pain since Thursday.

So I watched the game on TV while laying on the floor drugged up on muscle relaxers.  The first thing I had to do was turn off the TV volume and put the audio from Hot Ticket 700 on so I could hear MY Ute announcers.  I wasn't really liking the TV announcers.

What a perfect first half for the Utes.  24-3!!  I bet the zoobie fans were in shock.  The zoo team threatened the end zone once but that was really as close as they got in the first half.

Ratliff was awesome and very poised for a guy playing his first major college football game in an insane road environment.  He busted out on some big runs for huge gains.  Some of his runs were at crucial times like 3rd down and long.  He was much more mobile than I thought he'd be.  What I also liked was his ability to make a quick decision.  As talented as Johson is, he hung around in the pocket way to long (especially last week).  Ratliff made his reads and either threw or ran at the correct time.  He even got rid of the ball well, rather than taking sacks.

Ganther had an outstanding game, and especially first half with 115 yards.  That 115 put him over 1000 for the season.  He's only the 8th Ute to ever do that.  Ganther had a huge hit on a byu player in the secondary.  He broke through the line and absolutely plowed the byu guy.  The byu player was seriously knocked out and stumbled off the field with the help of the trainers.

The 2nd half was a real fight and scratch kind of half.  As expected the zoo made a major run.  But we answered fairly well.  It came down to our defense holding and byu having to settle for a field goal with about 2 minutes left to tie.  They made it.

We had about 1:45 to try and go the length of the field and make a field goal to win.  The best we could muster in regulation was a 52 yard attempt with time running out, but alas, it was blocked.


34-34 and we win the overtime coin toss.  On our 2nd overtime play Ratliff fires a strike on a post pattern and we record a TD!  What an awesome play!  The zoo gets the ball and is unable to make a first down.  Ballgame.

The byu/Utah game is usually a nail-biter (except last year).  This one will go down in history as one of the best for sure.  There's nothing sweeter than breaking the hearts of the byu players and fans by beating their team at home in overtime, and celebrating the victory on their field.

Well done Utes.

Looks like the Utes are going to have a "quarterback controversy" for 2006.


Perfect start for the byu basketball team

It was a perfect evening.  The byu kitties started off the basketball season tonight with home a loss to Loyola Marymount 83-71.  Tough loss since Loyola is a major college powerhouse.

A perfect start zoobies.  You can't loose them all if you don't loose the first one.