byzoo loses twice in one night!

I had the pleasure of spending the evening at a buddy's cabin the night of the Las Vegas Bowl.  This buddy hates byu just as much as I do and it was a pleasure watching California put the wood to the non-bowl-deserving zoobie squad.

 Despite the fact that the final LV Bowl score was 35-28 Cal, anyone who watched the game knows it was a more convincing zoo loss than 7 points.  So lay off the "moral" victories zoobies.  We don't want to hear any whining about the refs or the typical byu "if such-and-such would have happened we would have won" BS.

 Too add to the fun of watching the byu kitties lose in football, we were flipping the channels and watching the Utah State basketball team slap the weak byu team all over the court.  The last minute or two of the game was great as USU was on fire and simply laying the wood to the kitties.

 That my friends is the makeup of a great evening of entertainment.