It's rivalry week

utahlogo3.jpg"This is a matchup of two mediocre teams."
~Kyle Whittingham on this week's game

With the recent victory over Wyoming, the zoobie fans are very pumped up.  They're so proud about their 6-4 record that the smack is flying.  It's their first winning record in several years so you can't blame them.  The zoobie chests are all pumped out and they're so thrilled to be one game above a .500 record.  It's a "testament" (or should I say testimony?) to the low level of football that's been coming out of "pussy town" for the past few years.

But the zoo does come into the rivalry game with a better record than The Utes, and with more momentum.  Is it enough to break a 3 year losing streak?  That's why they play the game.

The Utes on the other hand are coming into this game following a terrible home performance against New Mexico.  The Ute offense accounted for 5 of NM's touchdowns by turning the ball over.  Despite turning the ball over 5 times they still almost won the game.

Utah also comes into the rivalry game with the starting QB and the #1 receiver out for the season.  The only good news for the Utes in that respect is that the byzoo defense is very weak.

The smack is already picking up on the message board and will no doubt get pretty brutal by game time.  Whoever wins, be sure they'll be here and on the other boards laying down their smack.

Whether or not the Utes win or lose this week, one thing is sure: byu sucks.