Utes crush kitties 54-10

It has taken quite a while to get to posting this article. We've been partying hard since Saturday night's blowout in kittie town.  Yes, happily Utah routed byu 54-10.  No matter how you slice it, it all comes up red.

Delusional byu fans floating down the river of denial

The byu fans of course can't seem to accept that they just got their asses handed to them.  To delusional byu fans, their team never gets beaten.  They only beat themselves and "allow" teams to win, despite what the final scoreboard says.  "We gave the game to Utah," or "we won statistically," or "if we didn't fumble x times we would have won."

"Since when did the scoreboard not count?" I wonder to myself when these delusional byu fans say these things.  And even if you "gave" Utah two easy touchdowns, you still would have lost 40-10.  And speaking of statistics, how about the fact that byu had 11 yards rushing in the entire game?  If that doesn't speak to being dominated by the Utah defensive line I don't know what does.  And if byu has such control over the game as their fans think, why don't they win?  Why do they suck?

It was priceless to watch the heartbroken zoobies leaving half way through the 3rd quarter when the game was truly getting out of hand and their defense had clearly given up.  The last two touchdowns Utah scored featured drives which had NO passes, and just runs up the middle to presumably run out the clock.

1-2 start, but the season isn't over

Two losses in three games is a hell of a start to the byu sucks season.  But it is still early and there are many more games to lose for byu this year...