Fan Mail

We have some fan mail to post and respond to below:

Keaton wrote

"Byu Sucks Byu Sucks Byu Sucks Byu Sucks
Byu Sucks Byu Sucks Byu Sucks Byu Sucks
Byu Sucks Byu Sucks Byu Sucks Byu Sucks
Byu Sucks Byu Sucks Byu Sucks Byu Sucks"

We couldn't agree more Keaton!  Care to be a contributor here?  You have the qualifications....  :-)

Ethan wrote

"Fuck you. utah blows dick."

Ah yes.  Nothing quite like a hypocritical byu fan dropping f-bombs.  If you'd be so kind as to read through ALL of the posts here, you'll notice NO f-bombs.  Just plain poking fun at the parochial school down south...

Your Mom wrote

"You Fuckin' Suck! Bitch!"

Another f-bomb dropping byu fan.  Can you say word of wisdom issues?

Pablo wrote

"Wow, I can't believe there are people that feel the need to do stuff like this.  What pathetic excuses for human beings.  Way to show the class of your fan base."

Well Pablo, we don't "need" to do stuff like this, we just like doing it because.... byu sucks!

Screw You wrote

"Get a life, I typed BYU and this shit came up.  The pictures are offensive, especially the special olympics one.  And Hall has more class than you could ever have, he has a legit excuse to not like the U and make his comments, and I couldn't agree more with him, it's people like YOU that make US think that. Mabey if you weren't such a fuck up you might actually get a life and quit trying to breed hate and anger.

Have a good day, shove your head up your ass... better for everybody."

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

jake HEAPS wrote

"your trash , just like your team , and your fans. your werthless . you should hit me up on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. id love to meet up with you and beat the fuck out of you. and i hope you can put this to ware aall your trashy ass drunk ass fans can read, FUCK THE UTES.YOU ARE ALL TRASHY . IF YOU WERE TO THROW BEER ON MY MOM ? ID KILL YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. YOUR FUCKIN LUCKY PEOPLE HAVE CLASS , IF NOT YOU REALLY WOULDEVE BEEN BLEEDIN RED. I HOPE YOU ALL BURN IN HELL. 4TH &18 ? HALL TO GEORGE ? YOUR NEW QUARTER BACK SUNK UNDER PRESURE. HE FUCKIN SUCKS ! TRASHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ASS PEOPLE THESE DAYS"

Thanks for the note jake HEAPS.  We've posted your note just as you asked.  It speaks for itself.  Judging from your grammar and spelling, you must be a byu English major...

rose wrote

"Thank-you for illustrating exactly what i think of byu. the de-motivational was the funniest

p.s I am from Australia! and i hate byu with a passion."

Thanks rose.