Guest blog: Bronco Mendenhall fires video booth coordinator.

ScrewtheY.com has learned that BYU Head Football Coach, Bronco Mendenhall has fired video coordinator Chad Bunn. Bunn, one of three replay officials suspended by the Mountain West Conference for failing to overturn a call on an obvious fumble by BYU running back JJ Di Luigi that was recovered by San Diego State. Because of the botched call, BYU retained possession and scored what would turn out to be the winning touchdown five plays later.
Mendenhall praised Bunn stating "We were in a dog fight and Chad was in the right place at the right time to affect the outcome of this game. He came through for us big time!" Following the the three point victory, Mendenhall awarded Bunn the game ball, naming him the game's "official" MVP, adding "He clearly saved us the humiliation of losing five games in a row."
Mendenhall announced that in addition to his responsibilities as the Cougars Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator, he will now add replay official to his list of duties. "Let's face it" said Mendenhall, "I'm overrated as both a Head Coach and a Defensive Coordinator. I have determined that the place that I can best help this team win games is in the replay booth."
The BYU Head Coach has been known for using Book of Mormon hero Captain Moroni as a motivational tool for his players. For those unfamiliar with LDS doctrine, Moroni is celebrated for leading the Nephites to victory over the Lamanites at the Battle of Jershon. Although Zoromite odds makers gave a slight edge to the Lamanites, Moroni was able to rally his troops to triumph in a closely fought battle. Pining about how today's technology may have increased Moroni's chances, Bronco said "Can you imagine the ass whooping he would have laid on those Godless heathens had the battle's outcome been determined by video replay?"
Mendenhall concluded his comments by praising Bunn for his inspirational video "Why we cheer for BYU." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCbuU14cB_c