This is a friendly reminder that byu SUCKS!

I know this to be true and I say it in the name of Lavell Edwards amen....

This Week's Favorite Team: Idaho

We get to the meat of the pathetic byu football schedule, with the perennial powerhouse Idaho coming to kitty stadium.  Should byzoo manage to win this game, talk of national championships and Heisman trophies will ensue.


This week's favorite team: Georgie Tech

Fantastic week last week as Notre Dame, with a backup QB, ran all over the zoo defense.  Great job Irish. Thanks for finishing it off.

This week we look to Georgia Tech for the win over the zoo to continue this fantastic season.  GO YELLOW JACKETS!

This week's favorite team: Notre Dame

What a great season so far.  The zoo has lost three of seven games and that above 500 record will be leveled this week in South Bend, Indiana.  We are very excited to watch the zoo go down hard to the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame.  GO IRISH!