This Week's Favorite Team: Georgia Tech

This week we are all Yellow Jackets.  Georgia Tech travels to zoobie land to take on the byu bougars. 


This Week's Favorite Team: Utah State

This week byusucks.net would like to extend our best wishes to our current favorite team, Utah State.  Utah State is a decent team this year with a solid defense and an amazing quarterback.

Go Aggies!

This Week's Favorite Team: Middle Tennessee

Continuing on with a fantastic season, where the only win byu had was over Texas, the most over-rated team in the country at the beginning of the season.

Following a FOURTH consecutive loss in their rivalry game against Utah, the zoo must now face the "powerhouse" Middle Tennessee State. This is where byu's schedule gets good folks! Its powderpuff time! But then again, these powder-puff games aren't guaranteed wins, especially for a team like byu who boasts the WORST passing ratings in ALL of college football!

Classy byu fans hurling trash at referees

How is this for hypocritical? byu fans lobbing trash at the referees following their loss to Utah. This is a prime example why byu is the most hated university.

What's even better is the reponses byu fans give to this. "Well, Utah fans did this and that..." Uh, who cares what someone else did, right? Two wrongs make a right? Aren't byu fans supposed to be "better" than this? Puhlease!