byu 2014 Football Season Speaks for Itself

This site is dedicated to mocking and making fun of byu, the most hated university in america.  We haven't posted much this football season because, well, there was no need to.  The byu football team and fans did a fine job making themselves look like idiots all season.  Their "bowl" game double-overtime loss to the powerhouse Memphis, was the icing on the cake (cake from Chuck-A-Rama of course).  Being the sore losers they are, byu players end up brawling with Memphis players in what was a total embarrassment for the university and its supposedly righteous members.  There's no better "missionary tool" than pounding on the opposing team with the clenched fists of God. Nicely done.

Oh yes the byu fanbase can twist their story all they want with the "they started it" arguments or the "our players were defending themselves" arguments, but the fact is that they should have shaken hands with Memphis and walked off the field honorably. Regardless of "who started it" the classy organization would end it, and byu did not.

byu's 8-5 2014 season against one of the weakest schedules in college football was classic. One for the ages. Proof again that byu sucks.

This is my testimony and I know it's true.